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Speedbump with Colt Lyons
Speedbump with Colt Lyons. This is one of his first work ups as he recovers from wobbles.

Speedbump recovers
Speedbump, recovered from wobbles, on his way to surgery for final repair of a large tear on his left hip, injured when his hindquarters were uncontrollable. Not everything was initially removed from the wound so it was reopened and flushed.

Crystal Lyons
Crystal Lyons ministers at Cowboy Church
and other events nationwide.


“…A miracle that we found this awesome product in time to save this horse's life and to save the investment we had made in this fine colt.”

By Crystal Lyons
Cowboy Stuff Ministries

In the fall of 2003 we purchased a weanling Quarter horse colt. Within about 3 to 4 months, we began noticing that he wasn't traveling right. His hind quarters just didn't move right. Within a short time, he worsened considerably to the point we even debated putting him down. We got a couple of veterinarian's diagnosis and were dismayed to find it was wobbles.

Wobbles effects the horse's ability to control his hindquarters. He couldn't back up. If he tried, he fell over back wards. When he laid down it was getting harder and taking longer to get back up. Often, he would work to get on his feet until exhausting himself and would have to lay there and rest awhile before trying again. We knew the day was coming when he wouldn't be able to get up at all and we would have to put him down. It has been believed for a long time that there is no cure for wobbles.

During this time, we came across EquiPride and bought it to give to another young horse we had. We at first made the decision to only feed the one colt and not "waste it" on "Speedbump", but just nonchalantly started feeding it to him anyway. We never expected it to improve him in any way---we just "did" it, feeling like it was a waste of money to put these good minerals into a horse that

we would probably have to put down within the year.

I am SO THANKFUL that we did! Within a couple months, we began to notice an improvement in the way Speedbump was moving, but we were so sure that he couldn't be helped by anything other than a miracle from God, that we actually thought it was just our imagination! Well, really in a way it IS a miracle from God. A miracle that we found this awesome product in time to save this horse's life and to save the investment we had made in this fine colt. Soon, it began to be so obvious that EquiPride literally did a reversal of the damage in his neck and spine to where I decided to get on him and begin his training. You have to understand what this meant. If he tried to take one step backwards, he instantly flipped over! He was now able to move off his hindquarters, back up, back out of a trailer, lope....I even let our 12 year old son begin to ride him! He's doing awesome. This fall we will send him to a reining horse trainer and Lord willing, by the spring of 2006, I will be taking him to horse fairs and rodeos to perform on for concerts and cowboy church services. If you see me on a big, muscular gray at some western event---come talk to me and meet "Speedbump".

We now feed EquiPride to every horse on the place. We also feed the tub (EquiLix) to our mares in the pasture. Since getting it, their coats are slick and shiny and nobody chews on the bark of trees or board fences anymore. We thank God for EquiPride because it literally gave Speedbump back his life!

Crystal Lyons
Cowboy Stuff Ministries
P.O. Box 1560
Mason Texas, 76856

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